Spring Cleaning and Assessing Your Aging Parents

Have you been wondering how your parents are really doing on their own?  It occurs to me that an offer for help with some Spring Cleaning may give you the opportunity to check things out for yourself.  And who wouldn’t want help cleaning?



And please let me know if you are unsure about what you are seeing!  We can figure it out together!  (contact me through my website:  http://parentcarealliance.com/contact-form/)


2 responses to “Spring Cleaning and Assessing Your Aging Parents

  1. Hi Kathy, an interesting idea and especially is one has regular interaction with one’s parents or loved ones. I agree very much that time spent as ‘a visitor’ tends not to be very informative as most people are able to put up a good front, unless things are really bad. But, often, it is when doing shared activity like cleaning out the kitchen presses, or doing some weeding/planting that conversations about more significant issues can arise.
    On the other hand, I also think it very important to know the the overall housekeeping patterns of one’s loved one’s from way back. If ‘superwoman/man’ came into my house this morning, he/she would definitely identify me as someone with major problems with clutter etc but I seem to have had those since I was about 2 years old!

    Great post, as ever. Thanks.

    • Spot on, Jean. You would be looking for things that are a change from the past. I never expected my father, who was a long time pack-rat, to become organized. What did become obvious with him was that he no longer had the ability to keep up with it all; he could no longer remember exactly where things were and could not make sense out of certain processess and information. Looking for those changes in pattern is key! Thanks for making that great point! (making these videos is still a bit of an ‘out of the comfort zone’ endeavor…..I don’t always remember to get everything in…..:-)

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