Post Holiday Thanksgiving

To my WordPress followers,

I take pause this morning in lieu of my normal posting to report on my Thanksgiving Weekend.

There is even more to be thankful for in my life now with the arrival of our first Grandchild on Saturday following Thanksgiving Day.

Our Granddaughter made her grand entrance, ultimately by c-section, after a long day for mother and father (and pending grandparents!).  All are well and today she comes home to her family!

Each Thanksgiving will now be a reminder of her arrival into our family; some years her birthday will even fall on Thanksgiving Day!

So, I am thankful, after this Thanksgiving weekend, for doctors who know their craft, nurses who know how to encourage, c-sections that save the lives of babies and mothers and my brand new baby granddaughter.  I am also grateful for a fabulous son-in-law who encouraged, quietly worried about, and loved my daughter through the whole ordeal all the while allowing me to be a part of things (all except the birth which I left totally to the 3 of them!).

So for now, that is my post of Thanksgiving for the day.  If you wish to read another, please check out the post on my website:  The Tough Love of Dementia Care.

On the journey with you,


Kathy Eynon is an Eldercare Coach and Consultant that works with those struggling to cope with the demands of caring for an aging parent.  She can be reached by email at: or visit her website at


4 responses to “Post Holiday Thanksgiving

  1. Congratulations! Grand-parenthood is terrific!

  2. Congratulations!

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