Lessons We Learn….(About Best Friends….)

“I’ve learned that I would rather have a best friend than a boyfriend, except maybe on a Friday night.”  Best friends can’t be over-rated!  They hold a special and important place in our lives.  They are the ones who have seen you at your worst and still love you.  They are your biggest champion when you are going through something tough and the soft place to fall when you’ve been shot down.  They help to lighten your load when someone has put that last straw on your back.

They rush to your side in times of need and help you plan when your brain can’t function.  They are the first person you think to call when you need somebody to talk to; the person that will never judge you.  They celebrate your achievements and are genuinely happy for you when your life is going great.

I am fortunate to have such a friend.  We have gotten each other through much in life:  nursing school (where we met), raising our children (and some of the worrisome things that go along with that), menopause, aging parents, not to mention the challenges of working in healthcare.

We always said that whatever one of us could not figure out, the other one could.  We have different strengths that when put together created an amazing ability.  When we have worked together in the past, we’ve been a mighty force and darn nigh unstoppable.

Not that we are not capable on our own (I think she is brilliant!), but things are always easier and life is more fun when you have your best friend to share it with.

My father has a best friend.  At 81 he still has in his life a friend from childhood that he has remained close to all of these years.  They have a nickname for each other (Tink) that harkens back to some pool-playing-times as teenagers.  They know and understand each other at a level that nobody else does.  They have seen each other through many things in life and have been like family to one another (and the rest of us too!).  When my father officiated at my wedding, it was ‘Tink” that stood in and escorted me up the aisle.  Now they are seeing each other through the difficult stages of aging but can still be heard singing a harmonized duet together (about another friend) given any chance to do so.  Truly life-long friends.

We all need somebody in our lives like this. Going through life without friends would be pretty hard and not much fun.  We need friends to share the ups and downs.  We need friends to know us deeply and still love us.  We need them to give us perspective and cheer us on.  We need them to make life whole and wonderful.

Though my best friend no longer lives close by, I know that I can pick up the phone and call her and she will be there; just like always.  She will be calming if I’m anxious and excited for me if I have something great to share.  Nobody could really replace her in my life.  Some friends really are the family that you choose for yourself.

Cherish them…..

On the journey with you…….Kathy

(Quote:  Age 20- The Complete Live and Learn and Pass It On, by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.)


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