This is ‘The Voice’

If you have ever watched the selection process for the vocal competition on The Voice you know that the vocal coaches do not get to see the vocalists as they perform their selections before the live audience.  They are facing in the opposite direction and have to base their decisions about selecting a singer for their team on the voice that they hear; a truly blind audition.

Christina Aguilera frequently will close her eyes as she listens so that she can focus in on the quality of the vocals that she is hearing.  Cee-Lo seems to be more of a gut instinct kind of guy in his selection process and takes risks on people with very different qualities of vocals (some I have actually found quite odd).  Adam Levine also seems to be a bit of a risk taker in that he seems willing to select somebody that isn’t quite there yet but he can hear an undeveloped quality in the voice that appeals to him.  And Blake Shelton is just the down to earth, no-nonsense one that seems to listen for what he likes and then takes his shot.

The only feedback that they get about the performer, before they make an offer to be their coach for the season, is the reaction of the audience to the performer and the performance.  I think some coaches’ pay more attention to this than others but it has to be hard to close it out totally.

I think blogging is a bit like the selection process on The Voice.  We put ourselves out there to an audience that can’t really see us.  Sure, many of us have a picture of ourselves on our site, but that frequently is the only glimpse we get of the writer.  We have to read the posts that the blogger writes, more than one usually, to see if there is some connection to that writer.  We read for things that strike a chord with us; maybe something about life that we are experiencing too.  Or we find something that makes us laugh and leaves a smile on our face.  Sometimes we are looking for support and information, other times it might be inspiration.  If you are looking for it, there is a blogger out there who is writing about it I can assure you!

And then we make our selections.  Who will I follow?  Am I going to leave a ‘like’ on this post?  Do I re-blog or Press it?  And on, and on….

Those we choose to follow may, or may not, come and follow us.  We may ‘like’ a post on another page but that does not guarantee that they will ‘like’ you back.  Regardless, it’s still all fairly anonymous.

What if we applied this selection process to life in general?  I believe we would all do better if we limited our judgments about others as we encountered the world.  What if, like Christina, we closed our eyes more and really listened with our heart, cutting out all the extraneous chatter around us?  How about taking a chance on somebody a little different, like Cee-Lo?  Seeing the potential in somebody that maybe has not gotten the opportunities that you have, like Adam?  Or, just stayed down to earth, and sought out what we truly, genuinely liked, like Blake?

Think of the opportunities that would come to us by saying “yes” to more in life rather than responding with a “no” based on a judgment that we are making?  I’m going to try to say yes to more in life.  Yes to things that make me a little uncomfortable because I know that few things that are new and out of our comfort zone are comfortable at first.  Yes to new experiences.  Yes to new friends.  Yes to new opportunities.  Yes to my family.  Yes to life.

What will you use your voice to say yes to today?  Please share…..

On the journey with you…….Kathy


2 responses to “This is ‘The Voice’

  1. Oh, how hard it can be to say “yes” sometimes. Thanks for reminding me to stay open to life when I really do feel like crawling into my shell.

    • I like my shell too! Very comfortable but much less exciting than engaging in life…. Today I said “yes” to coffee with a friend and spent an enjoyable hour sipping and catching up. Tomorrow, who knows!

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