Lessons We Learn….(About Contentment…)

‘I’ve learned that lying in the cool green grass and looking at the sky makes you feel so good!’

I’ve been working really hard lately on living in the moment so this observation by a 14-year-old really struck me.  Most of us can remember a time when we did just that; laid in the grass looking up at the sky.  We found images in the clouds as we chatted with a buddy, daydreamed about somebody that we liked, or just allowed our minds to be still and enjoy the quiet.  Content.  Happy.

It’s true that taking time to let your mind be free from thoughts of past events or future worries leaves you with the opportunity to be in a place of contentment.  Why is it that we work so hard and have so much yet still find little time to feel content and happy?  We live thinking that, when I get this or when I achieve that, I will be happy.  Yet when we get or achieve those things, many of us simply reset the measure for contentment; a new thing to get or goal to achieve in order to feel happy.

I’m learning that it’s really not circumstances that make us either happy or not.  Circumstances are really very neutral.  It is how we think about the circumstances that cause the feelings that we have about them.  It is in comparing ourselves to others or having beliefs about what will make us happy and prove our success to ourselves that creates the feeling of discontent.

Living in the moment takes practice!  But I find that when I’m successful at doing so, I truly am content!  I can enjoy things more fully when I shut down the thoughts of past problems and future worries.  I’m doing better with this (and people have commented that I look more relaxed!), but I continue to need to remind myself.

Just thinking about lying in the grass and feeling the coolness can bring a good feeling over me.  It reminds me of a time that I was sitting in the grass spending time with my children.  Suddenly, something with a very powerful bite decided that my backside (rump) looked tasty, propelling me off of the ground and into the nearby ladies room to make sure that it was finished snacking (even making my daughter inspect the site to assure me that there was nothing still hanging on, both of us laughing hysterically)!  That took me out of my ‘moment’ but is actually a memory that still makes me smile…..which also makes me feel good.

What makes you feel good and content with the moment?  Sitting outside on a beautiful day?  Watching the fire while wrapped in a blanket?  Sipping a glass of wine while listening to music?  Soaking in a warm tub?

Do something today to help yourself enjoy the moment; be content.  Take a deep breath and know, even if just for that moment, life is good……

On the journey with you…….Kathy

(Quote:  Age 14- The Complete Live and Learn and Pass It On, by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.)


2 responses to “Lessons We Learn….(About Contentment…)

  1. Thanks for yet another thought-provoking post. I had read it yesterday and it stayed with me as I went about my daily business. My treat is definitely going to be a walk in the little woodland near us just to savour spring and witness the trees coming into leaf and the bluebells mingling with the primroses. What bliss!

    • Bluebells and primrose! Perfect! That sounds like real contentment to me as well. Glad you enjoyed the post and it got you thinking!! As I reply to you I am enjoying the contentment of that first cup of coffee in the morning before anybody else is up….peace and quiet with the birds singing outside…..ahhhh

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