Lessons We Learn….(About Perspective…)

“I’ve learned that perspective is everything.  To a worm, digging in the hard ground is more relaxing than going fishing.”

Perspective truly is everything!  Though in this case I am with the worm and would actually find digging in the ground (maybe not hard ground) more relaxing than going fishing myself, I know many who would much rather be on the fishing expedition.

It’s all in how we think about a particular thing.  The very same event can cause one person anxiety and fear and another person excitement and anticipation.  An event can mean dread to one and joy to another.  Even a worm….

I think here about the example of what you see on the Weather Channel’s Storm Chasers series.  While a tornado sends most of us into a place of fear and anxiety looking for a place to seek shelter and protect ourselves, for the storm chaser it has the opposite effect.  They are energized, excited and looking for a way to get into the middle of it all!  While most people in their cars are driving furiously to get away from the storm, they are using their computers to track the storm so that they can get to where the action is!

Now some of us could conclude that this speaks to a lack of intelligence and self-preservation, but it really does give us a great example of perspective.

In life, little else gives us more perspective than some sort of natural disaster or tragedy that devastates the lives of the people who experience it.  I think about hurricane Katrina and the Tsunami in Japan in 2011; events that destroyed life and changed things for the living beyond our imagination.  Or the family that experiences the loss of a child from illness or what may appear to be a senseless accident.

Then, when I consider what I think are my struggles and challenges in life, they pale in comparison.  It makes you feel grateful for the minor inconveniences that are a part of your life.  Perspective!

Think of how the passage of time changes our views on things.  Something that was paramount to you in your 20s may seem trivial to you in your 50s.  And then again, the opposite also happens.  Things that you didn’t give time to when you were young seem the most important to you as you age.

When something is looming large in your mind, or you are at odds with somebody over some issue, try to take that step back and gain some perspective.  Take a deep breath, allow yourself to consider another angle and look at the measure of importance with an objective eye.  You may just save yourself a bunch of anxiety and frustration or you may decide to head into the storm or go fishing……..

On the journey with you…….Kathy

(Quote:  Age 65- The Complete Live and Learn and Pass It On, by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.)


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