50 in the Rearview Mirror

My mother always said that getting old ‘ain’t for sissies’, and as I sit here with sciatica pain in my left leg (an occasional visitor that says I’ve been sitting too long), or hobble down the stairs favoring my right knee (‘Arthur’-itis I’m sure) I begin to see what she means.  I turned 50 last week, which does not bother me, and find myself wondering, ‘if this is 50, what the heck am I going to be like at 80??’

But don’t misunderstand; 80 is a number I surely plan to achieve!  Creaking and hobbling though I might be.  Because when I think back over all that I have learned in the 50 years that have passed, think what more I will know after another 30.  Of all the joys that the last 50 years have brought; how many more can I anticipate in the next 30?

I’ve had the joy of summer vacations spent camping with my family as I was growing up, going to college, teaching hearing impaired children, getting married (to a wonderful man) and raising two awesome children (and gaining a son-in-law).  I got to experience returning to the classroom as an adult and becoming a nurse, caring for seniors and their families and mentoring friends and co-workers along the way.  I learned to ski in my 40s.  I’ve traveled to many countries collecting memories and friends along the way.  All things that have made 50 years worth living!

Now, I look forward to the possibility of grandchildren, traveling to continents not yet experienced with my husband, seeing where my business takes me, watching my own children make their stamp on the world.  Reading books that have yet to be written, skiing mountains that I haven’t seen before and tasting new foods.  I anticipate finding new places to visit, making new friends and learning new skills.  These are the things of living life and I want to continue doing them as long as life gives me.

One thing that I do know after those first 50 years, don’t put it off.  Don’t wait for life to ‘happen’ when you ‘retire’.  If you are always waiting for some time in the future to experience life and make yourself happy, you never will.  I have heard that at the end of your life, you won’t be wishing you had spent more time at the office.  Be with your family.  Travel.  Learn new things.  Pursue your passions.  Do things now!  Live life fully……and, have no regrets!

So, here’s to the next 50 (or however many I get)……….

On the journey with you…….Kathy


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