“The Sensitive Doer”

On a whim I clicked on the offer of a free personality test offered on my colleague’s website www.yuricoach.com.  I tend to have a well-defined sense of skepticism about some things but am usually game to see what happens!  I have to say that after 41 either/or type questions, I think the resulting personality type was pretty spot on!  It describes not only the things about me that allow me to move forward in life, but also the things that I sometimes allow to get in my way.  As we all know, the things that are our strengths in one situation can certainly be our weaknesses in another.

So here are my results.  Those of you that know me probably see these things in me already.  Those of you that don’t get a glimmer of insight into the writer of this blog……

Your Personality Type(from http://www.41q.com).  : “Sensitive Doer”

“Quiet, serious, sensitive and kind.  Do not like conflict and not likely to do things which may generate conflict.  Loyal and faithful.  Extremely well-developed senses and aesthetic appreciation for beauty.  Not interested in leading or controlling others.  Flexible and open-minded.  Likely to be original and creative.  Enjoy the present moment.”

Interestingly, 2 of the careers that were listed as a good match for my personality type are 2 that I have been in:  teaching and nursing.  And the personality described above also makes me a good fit for what I do now:  life coaching and helping people use their strengths to get their weaknesses out of their own way so that they can overcome the challenges in their lives.

According to the report I share personality traits with the likes of Barbra Streisand, Brooke Shields, Marie Antoinette, Steven Spielberg and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (and more)!  I’m not yet sure exactly where I fit in with that group but they are certainly a group of people who found their passion and followed it!  So, my work is in continuing to follow mine.

I encourage you to find your passion in life, to pursue it relentlessly and to get out of your own way.  (And feel free to go do your own personality test!)

On the journey with you…….Kathy


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